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The following is a list of Nertz links provided by used to educate and unify Nertz players from all over the globe. When new Nertz links are found they are posted here. The links can range from articles, products, blogs, videos, photos, and just about anything Nertz-related. If you have a Nertz link that you think should be posted just leave a comment below with the web address.

Nertz Supplies
Nertz Apparel and Supplies
Custom Nertz Playing Cards
Custom Trophies for Nertz Events
Design Your Own Nertz Playing Card Deck
Cool Playing Card Decks
Nertz Tables and Chairs for Large Events

Featured Links:
Nertz Royalty Products
Nertz Board - Keeps your game organized

Electronic Nertz Games

For PCs and MACs:
Solitaire Race by - Free/Play Online/4-Player; 3 Human or Computer Opponents
Nerts Showdown (Facebook App) by John Rush and James Stabbert at SudioFive27 - Free(optional upgrades available for purchase)/Play Online/4-Player; Up to 3 Human or Computer Opponents
Solitaire Showdown by Joshua Howard at Carbonated Games - Free/Play Online(Windows Messenger)/2-Player; Heads Up Human Play
Nerts High Speed Card Game by John Ronnander at Ronnander Games - $9.95/Software/6-Player; Up to 5 Computer or Human(with Network Client) Opponents
eNerts by John Drake - Free/Software/4-Player; 3 Computer Opponents Only

For Xbox Live:
World's Best FREAKING Card Game! (Indie Game) by Hayden Allred at Gazido Gaming - $1.00/Play Online(Xbox Live)/ 4-Player; 3 Human or Computer Opponents

Nertz Apps:
Nerts iphone/itouch/ipad App by Jeremy Dittmer, Kevin Heap, Spencer Smith, Jonathan Lund, Joe Wilson at Garafa, LLC - Free(Upgrade Extra)/6-Player; 5 Computer or 4 Human(via Bluetooth) Opponents
- Nerts Extreme - $2.99/6-Player; 5 Computer or 4 Human(via Bluetooth) Opponents
Pounce iphone/itouch/ipad App by David Levi at Double Apps Inc. - $1.99/5-Player; 4 Computer or 4 Human(via Bluetooth) Opponents *Also 2 human players playing heads up with 2 additional computer players on one device.
- Pounce Lite - Free/2 Computer Opponents Only
- PounceHD(ipad) - $2.99/7-Player; 6 Computer Opponents or 6 Human Opponents(via Bluetooth) *Also 2 human players playing heads up with 4 additional computer players on one device.
- PounceHD Lite(ipad) - Free/7-Player; 6 Computer Opponents Only
No More Solitaire Android App by Denis Van Overbeke at Nymesis - Free/2-Player; 1 Computer or Human Opponent(on Google server with Google+ Account) * Like Solitaire Showdown
Pounce Android App by John Leo - Free/4-Player; 3 Computer Opponents Only
Nerts Android App by Ted Percival - $0.99/3-Player; 2 Computer Opponents Only *Turn-based gameplay
Nertz card game for Windows Phone 7(aka Solitaire Party) by James Dickinson - Free/4-Player; 3 Computer or Human(via WiFi) Opponents
gNerts iphone/itouch/ipad App by Chris Sterritt - $0.99/4-Player; 3 Computer Opponents Only
- gNerts Lite - Free/2-Player; 1 Computer Opponent Only
Reactcardz (formerly called iLigretto) iphone/itouch/ipad App by Domas Labokas, Saulius Ališauskas, Inesa Dūdėnaitė, Donatas Gvildys at SwampyFoot - $1.99/4-Player; 3 Computer Opponents or 1 Human and 2 Computer Opponents
Blitz - Ligretto (Lite) - Android App by JeCo Team - Free/4-player; 3 Computer Opponents or Human Opponents via Bluetooth(Human Multi-play is not yet operational)
Nerts Mania - iphone/itouch/ipad App by Brett Bartlett - $0.99/6-Player; Up to 5 Computer Opponents Only
Racing Demon - iphone/itouch/ipad App by John Grosvenor at Orielton Software - $1.99/4-Player; Up to 3 Computer or Human Opponents

Nertz-style Electronic Games with Specialized Decks:
Nertz Solitaire by Vishal Vohra, Alok Narula, Joseph Rex, Mark Brashear at Freeze Tag associated with Mike and Lynn Howard at NERTZ LLC. - $9.99(seen as low as $4.99)/Software/4-Player; 3 Computer Opponents Only
Ligretto by BrettspielWelt - Free/Play Online/4-Player; 3 Human Opponents Only

Similar Electronic Solitaire-based Games:
Grump by Russell Scott at Grump Ventures, Llc
Double Solitaire by
Canfield by Robert Schultz
Solitaire Rush by WorldWinner

Nertz Game Sets
Nertz, Llc
Dutch Blitz
Solitaire Frenzy
Wackee Six
Perpetual Commotion

Informative Nertz Sites
Nertz at Pagat
Nertz at Wikipedia
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Nertz at NertsOlympics
Nertz at SannaSK
Nertz at everything2
Nertz at Corriespondent
Nertz at JohnLyons
Nertz at Urban Dictionary
Nertz at Open Directory
Nertz at factiodz
Nertz at Heart of the Matter

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Nertz References, Articles, and Information
Nertz League at Southwestern University (2006) Website Information's old Website Information (1997-2000)
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Nertz Videos and Pictures (Note: not all content is suitable for all ages)
Nertz in Xmas 2008 (Video)
Nertz by Smashy2010 (Video)
Nerts Wars (Video)
Nertz by Raymond (Video)
Nertz at beenUp2 (Video)
Nertz at Waffle House on Facebook (Video)
Nertz by Christopher (Video)
A Game of Nerts (Video)
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Card and the thrill of Victory
hands and cards (Video)
Nertz Game [Slideshow] (Video)

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